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Help Seniors' Pets

PAW Bites & PAW Express

Meals on Wheels South Texas recognizes the importance of pets in older adults' lives. When faced with choosing between pet care and self care, so many of us would easily choose our pets; the same is true of our clients, who would share their own meal with their pet when they had no kibble or canned food to serve.

To support our seniors, we make sure their beloved dogs and cats have what they need to thrive. That includes pet food, delivered monthly, and thanks to our partnership with the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation LEAP program, basic preventative veterinary care.

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Are you willing to transport pets in your personal vehicle to and from the vet?

We Need Your Help

There are two ways to volunteer: deliver pet food once monthly or transport pets to our local veterinary partner Lone Star Animal Hospital.

Pet food delivery occurs during the last Wednesday - Friday of each month. Volunteers pick up bagged food and deliver it when they are able. It's a small time commitment to make a huge difference.

Our PAW Express veterinary transport runs every other Tuesday. We ask you to arrive between 9:45 am and 10:00 am to pick up your supplies and route sheet. We provide all the necessities: carriers, leashes, treats, potty bags, and information for the veterinarian. You do not need to stay at the animal hospital. The vet will contact us with any questions or problems, and the bill will go to us directly. After the appointment, you will return the pet to their grateful owner, giving them any medication the vet may have provided. Owners may need help reading instructions given by the vet, and we appreciate your patience in taking the time to help them read and understand. When you're done, stop by the MOWSTx offices to drop off supplies, route sheets, and any notes with our program coordinator.

If your questions aren't covered by the FAQs below, please give the programs coordinator a call at 361-576-2189 x119 or email

  • How many pets will I be asked to transport?

    We are currently asking for you to transport two pets, either cat or dog, to the vet clinic and back to the client’s residence. This may change overtime as more clients join the program.

  • Do I have to pay?

    No, you are not responsible for any payment at the animal hospital. Any billing fees will be directed to MOWSTx or the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation.

  • How will I know when to pick up the pets?

    Our friends at Lone Star Animal Hospital or our Programs Manager will contact you at pickup time. The vet may also provide an estimated pickup time at drop-off.

  • What happens if the animal has an accident in my car?

    The pet will be placed either in a pet carrier or kennel prior to entering your car. We recommend that they always remain in the pet carrier or kennel during transportation. Lone Star Animal Hospital can assist with loading animals into their kennels if needed. Blankets are also provided to help line the carrier/kennel and catch any mess before it touches your car.

  • Who makes the appointment?

    MOWSTx has a scheduled time slot for our appointments and will not require you to make any appointments for clients.

  • Will I be informed about the pet I am transporting in advance?

    Yes, when scheduling your volunteer shift date and time, you will be informed about the two pets you are picking up either via email or phone call.

  • What if the pet bites or scratches me?

    Pets are curious and cautious with unfamiliar people. They may occasionally be spooked about being separated from their human companion. There may be an occasional scratch. And if you are allergic to cats or dogs, this volunteer opportunity may not be the best option. You can refuse to take any pets if you feel threatened by them. Contact the Program Coordinator with your concerns.