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Stay Healthy & Save This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of year to give thanks, spend time with family, and enjoy a delicious dinner. Here are some tips on how to celebrate this holiday while staying healthy and within your budget!

Healthy Alternatives

  • Instead of making mashed potatoes loaded with butter, try preparing sweet potatoes with a dash of cinnamon instead. Compared to russet potatoes, sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A, calcium, and dietary fiber. Skipping the butter and opting for a sweet potato with cinnamon also saves you from consuming too much saturated fat!
  • Make your green bean casserole with fresh ingredients, rather than canned. You can use fresh green beans, fresh chopped mushrooms, whole-wheat flour, reduced fat milk, and low-fat parmesan cheese to make a healthy and delicious version of this holiday favorite!
  • Transform your turkey into a healthy protein source by skipping the salt and the replacing stuffing with apples and oranges. Using apples and oranges instead of stuffing will make your turkey moist and give it a unique flavor!
  • Pecan pie is a Thanksgiving staple, but this sweet treat is high in calories and artery-clogging saturated fat. Instead choose a freshly made pumpkin pie, cheesecake, apple turnover, or some chocolate-dipped fruit.

Ways to Save

  • Review store flyers and coupons when planning your menu. Grocery stores often have great sales the week before Thanksgiving!
  • When you are shopping, buy store brands and make sure to look at the unit price to ensure you are getting the best deals.
  • Produce items like baby carrots, broccoli crowns, celery, and bell peppers are often inexpensive and can be made into a beautiful and healthy appetizer platter.
  • If you are not cooking for a large number of people, Cornish hens might be a cost-effective and convenient alternative to a whole turkey.