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About Us

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

Honoring Pride Month 2022

Meals on Wheels South Texas envisions a community where all of us can thrive as we age. In our day-to-day work, we meet hundreds of individuals who are lonely and isolated, a sad reality shared by both many homebound seniors and many LGBTQIA+ individuals who feel cast aside for living their truth. We especially acknowledge where LGBTQIA+ issues intersect with issues of aging and age-based discrimination: LGBTQIA+ older adults face particularly high risk of cancer, mental health, and cardiovascular disease, often due to discrimination in healthcare settings.

We believe that no one should go without the support they need to continue enjoying life both while young and well into old age, and we condemn the discrimination and erasure of LGBTQIA+ individuals, identities, and stories in our community and beyond. We are a small nonprofit in a small corner of Texas, but we can promise to our LGBTQIA+ neighbors that you are welcome here. Regardless of who you love, Meals on Wheels South Texas stands by the Meals on Wheels America slogan of "Together, we can deliver."

We welcome our LGBTQIA+ neighbors to join us - to enroll as clients, to join our team as staff and volunteers, and to partner with us to help better our community, one delivery at a time. Your contributions are invaluable, and we stand beside you in celebrating the hard-won rights and fighting the ongoing struggle to ensure you, too, can remain safe and happy in the community you love.

DEIA Statement

Meals on Wheels South Texas is committed to a culture of service which values and respects all individuals. Our vision is a community where no senior is hungry or alone and everyone has what they need to live a nourished life.

Equity and diversity in the workplace are paramount to the culture we are committed to fostering and essential in bringing about our vision where everyone, including our employees, can live nourished lives. Only through an environment of inclusiveness and mutual respect can people bring their full selves to work and contribute their personal best.

We are further committed to bringing these principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion to every facet of how we serve the community, in our core actions and policies, our interactions with our clients, and our marketing, hiring, and outreach practices.

We believe that together we are stronger than we are alone, and that we can achieve more together than we can apart. We are committed to the ongoing work of building an inclusive, equitable community to meet the needs of the vulnerable seniors we serve. Together, we can deliver.