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We are looking for people who are passionate about helping homebound seniors.


  • Mobile Meals Delivery Driver

    Deliver to senior clients along a designated route.

    All routes cover just a few miles and take about an hour and a half to complete. Routes may contain an average of 5-12 stops.

     We deliver within Victoria City limits on Mondays, to rural Victoria County on Tuesdays, and to Cuero and Thomaston on Wednesdays. The schedule adjusts around holidays.

    This is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity and great for groups of all ages. Adult supervision is required for those ages 17 and under.


    Do I need any supplies for this opportunity?

    Meals on Wheels Delivery volunteers use their own vehicle for deliveries. 

    Where do I pick up meals for delivery?

    Pick-up meals at Meals on Wheels South Texas between11am and 12pm on scheduled delivery day.

    Pick up at the back door located at the back parking lot (corner of Depot St. and Murray ST.)

    Will I have same route every time?

    Recurring volunteers most likely will have the same set delivery route.

  • In-House Assistance

    Kitchen: Help with task such as chopping vegetables, assembling meal plates for cafe dining, and washing dishes. Monday through Friday, from 8 to 12:00 PM.

    Prep & Go: Prepare for morning meal deliveries by moving 5-day frozen meal boxes from walk-in freezer to the volunteer pick-up room.

    Pack Crew: Using scoops, and bags, repackage kibble, for dogs and cats, for delivery to MOWSTX clients. This opportunity requires repetitive, heavy lifting, of large bags of kibble (up to 55 pounds) at MOWSTX location. Contact us at for scheduling details and availability.

    Special Events: Assist with event preparations.


  • PAW Bites Delivery

    Drivers are needed to deliver pet food to seniors around the last week of each month. Pick up food at our headquarters and deliver at your convenience on the scheduled Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday delivery window.

    Delivery Driver: Once a month, help to deliver pet food to Meals on Wheels South Texas clients. 

    Donation Pickup Driver: Support the PAW Bites program by picking up pet food and supply donations from designated vendors, on a route designed by MOWSTX staff.


  • Vet Care/PAW Express Transport

    Because their “pawrents” are homebound, we need pet lovers to help adorable cats and dogs see the vet for basic and preventative care. Veterinary services are scheduled for alternating Tuesdays. Volunteers are asked to transport 1-2 pets from the client's home to the vet and/or from the vet to the client's home. Volunteers do not need to remain at the vet with the pet.

  • Togetherness

    Togetherness volunteers provide weekly well-check phone calls, text, facetime - however you and the client decide is most convenient for the two of you. This program helps clients experiencing isolation, loneliness, and lack of social support connect with a volunteer to build a friendship and social connection. You can volunteer from the comfort of your own home, on a schedule you and the client find convenient.

    Personal information protected through our call-line

  • Library 2 Go

    Deliver library materials to clients every three weeks, usually on Wednesdays.

  • Student Community Service

    Youth volunteers are a welcome addition to our team and may help in a variety of ways, including meal delivery, kitchen help, assisting in the dining room for special events, and other service opportunities. Parental permission and adult supervision is required for those age 17 and under.

  • Substitute Office Volunteer

    Volunteers are needed to provide clerical support such as answering phones, copying, and filing, organizing intakes, Monday through Friday as needed from 8am to 12 pm.

  • Connection Cafe Volunteer

    Cafe volunteers help call Bingo Mon thru Fri at 10 am, take lunch trays to the tables at lunchtime, clean the dining room after lunch.

Volunteers must pass a background check. volunteers must provide driver's license number and insurance information. 

For more information on volunteering call our Volunteer Coordinator at 361-576-2189 x118 or email at